Christmas 2011

Wow, thirteen days and it’s already Christmas day.  This is my very first Christmas.  Lola went to Mass for Christmas but the rest of us were painstakingly confined to our home.  See, if I was to get sick I may not be able to have my surgery and without my surgery I would not have long to live.  We are all eagerly awaiting for the hospital–Lucille Packard Stanford Children’s Hospital to call with a date for surgery.  The tensions were creeping upward but my parents and friends and family still brought me and everyone something to be joyous and to smile about on Christmas.
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As I lay there, I think how special this Christmas is.  I tried to stay awake but breathing was geting harder and I would tire easy even when feeding.  Nevertheless, I absorbed everything about my parents I could in case these were my last great memories.

Merry Christmas — Joseph

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