On our way to Palo Alto Ca Days 1 & 2

The big day is here.  Jan 2 2012 After Mommy and Lola packed the suitcases and boxes and bags of items needed for such a long trip, Daddy Spent a lot of last night packing everything he could that was big into the car so this morning would be easier.  We all woke up and it was still dark outside.  Getting together all the little things such as food and clothing and ourselves.  Its amazing that Daddy could even see to back up, but he could.  When everything was together and we were all snuggled into the car, we were officially on our trip to Palo Alto, CA.

Rising Sun

Where was Palo Alto, CA.?  Noone has been there.  All I know is Daddy was saying it was close to San Fransisco, CA.


The First day Jan 2nd Daddy decided to drive to Winnemucca, NV.  Lots of hills after you get through the flat farm area.  Nothing really notable, but brother and I slept while they were driving, even through the first stop where daddy went and got coffee and everyone decided to go in for a little break and I decided to be hungry and needed to be fed before we left.  We then slept all the way to the Nevada Line.  Here you will see Mommy and Lola posing…

Then we were off again.  Throughout the trip Lola was on the look out for snow.  Surely there would be snow throughout the trip and all the mountains.  Here, you can see we seen some on the side of the road–not much at all and none one the road thank goodness.

on trip

Well it was a long drive for the first day.  I was getting really impatient and brother slept a lot of the way.  It was early afternoon when we pulled into Winnemucca, and we headed to the motel room we had reserved right away.

It wasn’t home, but surely looked good.  I think both of us needed diaper changing and I know I was sure hungry.  Super 8 Motel here helped Daddy out and gave us a good price.  We thanked them for such kindness.  Daddy went and got some lunch for the rest of them and they ate and got a few things from the car and I think everyone fell asleep until dinner time that is.  We ate a nice dinner and went to bed early so we could get an early start.

We all woke up in time to leave early, but leaving really early was only in our dreams.  I think we set off almost around 9 am on Jan 3rd, 2012 to head for our destination Auburn, Ca.  This time Brother was the impatient one and I was the sleepy one, driving up and down mountains and everywhere we looked–there was just either a dusting or no at all, sorry Lola.

We stopped several times to refuel the car and of course to feed me.  We even stopped on one of the large mountains by lake Tahoe where there was a large rest area and it was leg stretching time for the adults and diaper changes for us kids.  One thing is, I remember when we seen a wee bit more snow and Lola was so happy!second day

We then all got back into the car and continues to drive the Mountainous area.second day

Just at the bottom of these hills, there was Auburn, a little town inbetween the bigger cities of the west and the mountain areas.  Here we find our next stop at Motel 8 Auburn. They didn’t have a lot of business this Tuesday, the snow has not hit the mountain like it normally does where travelers are stranded because the road is closed. It was a nice place.  A nice stopping point and since the roads were real good we were right on schedule to make it in well enough time.  Mommy and Lola helped unload the car and we were quickly settled in for the early evening hours of Tuesday–still on time.

Breathng for me was getting a bit harder and I was a bit cranky even though everyone else was tired.  Daddy even decided to take a nap after they filled themselves with taco bell tacos.


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