Testing Day

Today, Jan 5 2012 Mommy and Daddy woke me up early.  I was a bit grumpy, but I know we have an appointment at the Hospital for tests–and paperwork for my surgery tomorrow.  We had to be there by 8 a.m. checked in.  So in the car we go and mommy plugged in the hospitals address and off we went.  Its a bit of a drive to get there and everyone was a little quieter.  Christopher and Lola stayed at the motel.  There was a lot of traffic and a lot of construction work going on but we finally made it.  Daddy left mommy and I off at the front and he went to park the car.

We first went to admissions and filled out a bunch of paperwork, they were friendly and after we finished there we went to another office and waited for the surgical team.  It looked like they were running a bit late so another man came out and asked us to follow him into another room.  I was getting a bit nervous and they laid me down and pulled my shirt up.  The liquid they squirted on me was warm but cooled down quickly and they took this hand device and rubbed it alkl over my chest and would stop then move, stop and move.  An awful feeling and I did not like it at all.  He was taking echo snapshots and making a movie of my heart.  Lots of them too.  Saying the more they got it would give the surgical team a better understanding of what needed to be done and what was going on before they opened me up and looked inside.  After what seemed as like an hour or more we were finally done and went back to the waiting area for the surgical team.

It looked like they were still running late so they had us go down to have some blood work taken–this really hurt and I let out a scream hoping–just hoping everyone heard me that I was not happy.  I was in pain–ouch.  Finally mommy got me settled down and we went back to the original waiting room and waited.  I was hungry so mommy went into the feeding room to feed me.  I was so sleepy, after eating I went to sleep.

Finally a nurse came and brought us in the back room and took my vitals again and again we went back into the waiting room and waited.  Finally the surgical team member came up to greet us.  We walked back into another room and sat down.  Well, Daddy sat down and Mommy had me laying down on a flat cold bed.

She greeted us and explained a situation that was occurring.  My Surgery was set for tomorrow-Friday, but they have an emergency surgery that had to be scheduled in my time slot.  So, now my surgery isnt to be until Saturday morning, we needed to be checked in by 8 am and surgery would be around 9 am.  She also explained some of what we would need to do tomorrow and examined me as well.  I think I am well known there inside and out.  After the examination and her talking important gibberish stuff to mommy and daddy we were excused and went back to the waiting room.  We then went to lunch and came back and then we needed to go to XRAY to take some pictures.  That wasnt so bad.  I can tell Mommy and Daddy were getting tired from all the walking and waiting.  It was finally mid afternoon when we got out of there and Daddy seen he had a message.  He listened to the message and it was Juan form McDonald House.  He called to say he had a room for us and wanted to see if we would accept.  Daddy quickly called him and thanked him and off we were to the Ronald McDonald House in Stanford.  Of Course, Mommy had her trusty phone and typed in the address and shared the directions with Daddy.  They are a pretty good team when there working together.

We arrived to the Ronald McDonald House and they were so nice.

An elderly woman signed us in and took daddy around on a tour showing him all around.  Mommy would have went with him but I was hungry again.  Mommy got to meet Juan and he was a very nice man.  He really deserves much thanks for helping my parents have a sense of security and a place to temporarily call home while we were here.  So, if you ever online and checking out the Ronals McDonald house in Palo Alto Ca Please do give him a quick note and thank him for doing an awesome job.  He is someone who not only does his job well, but he puts his heart into helping each individual family as like they are the only family he is helping at the moment.

Thank You Juan–You are very much appreciated!

After daddy finished getting all the last minute rules and the key and the rest of instructions, we finally got to make it back to Lola and Christopher.  Daddy dropped me and mommy off and went to go find some food for everyone and dinner.  Daddy made it back with some hamburgers and we ate and started packing to move into Ronald Mcdonald House.  After packing much of the stuff and being full from dinner Mommy and Daddy decided to take a nap and well, the story goes they over slept and the next thing anyone remembers was me in the morning waking mommy up for breakfast!


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