The Final Stretch to Palo Alto CA

January 4th, 2011

Last night we received a phone call from Ronald McDonald House letting us know there was room for us, how happy we were and relieved as well.  Slept well through the night besides for a few meal times all went well besides for us awakening a little later than we wanted too.  Was eating breakfast and Daddy’s phone rang again and it was the Ronald McDonald house calling to let us know the room originally reserved for us was needed for another family.  Our hearts sank a little but alas, my parents had plan B which the Ronals McDonald house and Lucille Packard Childrens Hospital had helped us put together.  We finished Breakfast and away we go to Palo Alto that is…

The begininng of the drive was nice, but the same old with tree’s and a bit of snow, Lola giggled at the amount of snow there was.  I think she was wanting to see a lot of snow.

The drive seemed to be long and soon I was fast asleep.  Every so often I felt the car turn one way or the other and everyone would sway in the direction of the turn.  I was getting hungry, but Daddy said we soon will be there.  Then, I heard a little commotion and oh oh mommy had the camera out and Lola too.

I heard Lola say this is a big bridge and Daddy said, yes going into San Fransisco. 

 I seen Brother looking out the window and I said Christopher what you looking at, please tell me…  So he said, I see a bunch of boats and we are above the water.  I wonder if they go under the water like my bath time boats do.

I was getting a bit squirmy and hungry but I knew Daddy was doing the best he could and I guess this is no time to pull over to eat.  I heard him say, Hang on everyone, we will be there soon.  You can see the City from here.

Well, soon took a bit longer than anticipated.  Don’t rely on GPS systems to help you navigate through the bridges.  It will say Merge right, merge right 1000 feet, merge right, and then all of the sudden, when Daddy was merging right, there are three other exits immediately after merging right.  It didn’t say anything until we were wrong and told us to turn around.  Turn around on the Bridges?  We finally made it into the City and got lost a bit.  Wow, the roads here do really look scary.  Daddy says it looks like a real roller coaster ride.  We stopped and asked a few police officers for help, and they didn’t know how to get to Palo Alto.  But, they were nice enough and we finally found the right road. Phew!!!

We made it to The Hospital and picked up our packet for Plan B.  Typed the address into the GPS doo higgy and off to Redwood we were.  Daddy kept driving and driving and passed into a bunch of office building commerce areas and Tada, we were there.  I heard everyone exclaim, WOW-is this the place?Sofitel Hotel

We arrived to the Sofitel Hotel and it sure was big.  Daddy and Mommy went to check in and my goodness, there were strange men getting our stuff from the car.  They sure were dressed nicely and helped Daddy bring our stuff into the room–how nice.  We do need to Thank once again, Miriam from the Sofitel in helping us with the room for 2 nights.  It sure did make our stay less scarry and a lot more comfortable than sleeping in the car.  We thank you Miriam and the Sofitel!

As we were relaxing from the trip and drive, breaking into our stashed food we brought for emergency–we were here no need to have too much for emergency, Mommy and I did a little bonding time.


And then, Lola and Christopher wanted in on the picture time as well, So Daddy Snapped a picture of us together.

We were here, Mommy changed my Diaper–I was all comfy and a full belly, Well its time to rest.  All of us rested for most of the evening.  Good Night!


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