The Visitation

Even before leaving the hospital and while mommy was gazing into my eyes, I could sense Mommy and Daddy were worried.  Not only did they know to expect to be really, really preoccupied with me but what would they do with my little brother?  He really is a shy one and he really didn’t want to be much around anyone whom he did not know and going to California we did not know anyone there.  Their minds were busy trying to come up with a plan and a backup plan and it seems as if a simple plan was finally decided on but who knows what could go wrong.

They wished my Grandma Middleton was still alive, but if things did not go well, I at least would have someone there to meet me and to love me.  Here is a picture of her with my daddy…

Grandma Middleton

One day I am sure I will meet her, she sure looks nice!

All through the following day I heard Mommy get a bit excited, she kept on saying LOLA would be coming.  Hmm, who is Lola, what is Lola?  Lola in Filipino means Grandma.  My Grandma was coming to help Daddy and Mommy out for several months.  Oh my goodness, you should see a sigh of relief in their eyes especially mommy, she was skipping and singing around all day.

Daddy left for the airport and its been awhile so I got sleepy and I told my older brother to please wake me when Lola came.  I think he forgot.  He was quite shy around Lola but he warmed up to her later on.Grandma Meets Christopher

Well, when Lola settled in she came to get me and held me tight.Grandma Holds Me

And brother was still warming up to Lola but you could see even though she was so tired from a long flight from the Philippines, her dreams come true…Grandmas dreams come true


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