They whisked me away

As I was saying, everything was happening so fast, I almost thought about returning back to my old house, but I didn’t know how.  They whisked me away and poked and prodded, “I let out one Scream–hmm it didn’t sound like what I was saying though–I was yelling, “Where’s my Mommy!”.

After they finished, things got a bit calmer and boy oh boy was I tired.  So I thought I would catch a little shut-eye before mommy and daddy made it to me.Resting finally

After Mommy rested for a while, they took turns coming to visit me.  I was so very tired though, I didn’t even know they came in.  Why didn’t I wake up?  I know something was wrong because my breathing was fast, I don’t have all that liquid anymore it should be easier to breathe.still sleeping

Laying here, I remember mommy through the womb thanking a wonderful obgyn doctor who was the first one that had saved my life.

Dr. John Dufurrena and his office at OB/GYN Meridian spotted a deformality during my 20 week picture taking.  I tried to show them my smile.  I don’t think they noticed though but they sure did spend a lot of time looking at my heart.  Noticing there was something thst was wrong he referred us to the Fetal Medicine & Maternal Medicine group through St. Lukes Main Boise Hospital.  This referral was the beginning of a successful birth and preparedness to save my life.  Thank you so much Dr. John D!  Thank you and your team for helping me.

 The second Dr that had watched my progress during the time in the womb was also very important.  Dr. Richard Lee with the Fetal Medicine & Maternal Medicine watched over me for the duration of mommy’s pregnancy and prepared the St Lukes main hospital for my delivery.  Which is why they were so prepared to whisk me away.  Thank you Dr. Lee and your staff you worked with!

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