Moving into Ronald McDonald House

We woke up around 8 am or so, as like I said previously, Mommy and Daddy rested early and now its morning.  They packed everything back into the car and we headed to our new home, a place where we can call home for the time spent here.

This was a welcoming sign, letting us know in our hearts we were not alone but we had a wonderful group of people who will be there each step of the way.  It’s a wonderful atmosphere here at the House, so many different cultures and different ailments bringing these families together,  We met people from Georgia, Ireland, Hawaii, several from California and Nevada and New Mexico.  It’s just amazing how far some families traveled and yet there was a safe place they could call home for a short time.



As you walk in you see this huge Icon of theirs with paper cranes–10,000 plus actually That’s a lot!  We made it to the elevator and headed to our room.  It is a nice cozy room and ready for us to move in.






Here you can see Lola looking the room over, finally at peace we have somewhere to settle into.  Tomorrow will be another early morning for us.  We need to be at the hospital at 8 am and before I leave I need a special bath with these cloths wiped all over me.  Also, it’s a tough one and I am not happy–No eating after 4 am.  Hmfff

They gave Christopher and I a special blanket a piece and you can see Christopher opening his right away, and of course he had to show daddy right away then off to show mommy.


While Mommy was unpacking, Daddy went down stairs because he was told about the McDonald Friday Dinner.  He had to fill out a menu selection for all of us but I was tired and so Lola was singing me to sleep.

I would like to place a little thanks to the groups of people who helped my Mommy, Daddy, Brother and Lola feel comfortable here while I was in the Hospital for such a long time.  So many organizations and Family units donated their personal time to help take away some of the fear of the unknown, the anxiety that builds up with time.  It’s like they take a piece of bread from heaven and bake it with comfort and peace and steal away time for just a moment and presents peace and joy in such a turbulent time.  Thanks to each of you.  If you could manage to help them or find a Ronald McDonald house in your area, it will be such a joy I promise you to help a family or families out or donate your time.

Not only a special thanks to the Ronald McDonald House but also to Fran Alvarez whom donates her time as the hair stylist there.  If one thing is true, it seems your upkeep gets neglected and she helps bring that small amount of pride back into you while your there.  For a wonderful time for the children, Raul Gonzalez brings magic to the room with balloons and also does side portraits.  He is a fine artist!  Then there is the Petting Animals that comes around and for Mommy and Daddy if they could have found the time, there was even messages each week offered.  Just a hint, if your there–sign up quick for all the events, they go quickly.  Another all time favorite of the families there, where a picture can bring that smile to the whole family and magic just seems to fill the air.  Virgina Becker who started The Family Album Project simply does an outstanding job with the children and families and you can hear laughter and playful moments while she is taking snapshots.  Shucks even the Oakland Raiders Aux with Steve Raiderbee Bigbee came by to visit me, me in the hospital.  How awesome.  Below you will see some of the pictures that happened while my family and I was there.  Though I wasn’t there very much, I am so thankful that they were able to keep my brother happy and Mommy and Daddy safe.

Thank you all for Bring Comfort and Peace and some Sanity to my family’s life while I was away.  Well, I need to be going now Tomorrow will be coming soon enough.

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  1. I am so thankful to hear about this type of facility to help people like yourselves. I have briefly heard about them but never thought about the assistance they truly give in support.

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