Going Home

We went to the hospital for the final check-up. It really didn’t take very long and we were given final instructions, such as how to lift and hold Joseph for the next few months, to keep him isolated from crowded places and to watch out for that one stitch left inside.

A reminder to all parents–YOU are your child’s advocate and do not assume anyone knows the instructions, especially lifting and holding the child!  You will find out nurses and even doctors are not always updated on these instructions and you will need to speak out quickly for his concerns — especially lifting.  Remember, the rib cage is not fully healed and you will need to slip your hand onto his bottom and lift from there while only using your other hand to balance.  NO lifting from under the arms, which most people seem to want to do!

We went back to Ronald McDonald house and knew we would be leaving, so I got on the phone and looked for flights for Mommy, Joseph, Christopher and Mom-in-law.  I booked the flights for Monday, the 6th of February, early morning – we had to leave by 7:30 AM to get to the San Jose Airport and allow a two hour window for their boarding time.  This evening, Feb. 3rd, we had McDonald’s dinner and Hero’s night. Then I stayed upstairs with Joseph while Christopher, Maria and her Mom went down stairs to enjoy the event.

The photographer, Ralph, was nice enough to come upstairs to our room and take a picture of Joseph, Christopher and Mommy.  Thank you Ralph!  They also gave Joseph a costume to wear as well–Joseph is a HERO!

Christopher sure looked like he had some fun and although at this moment, Joseph couldn’t put on his costume–he sure did wear it later.  What good is a hero without a cape?

Afterwards, Joseph got to eat his dinner and taste all the food mommy ate.  Scrumptious was what his smile said and he was contented to go back to sleep.

We had a lot to do before early Monday morning’s departure.  Clean the room, our kitchen area and pack.  Packing was the hardest thing to get motivated for the whole crew.  I called our friends back home to let them know we would be coming home,  that the family would be flying in and I would be driving in.  I would really like the trip to be a one day event but it is kind of far and it is winter time–snow could hit at any moment.  I also had to remember to stop off at the last hotel in Auburn to pick up Maria’s winter jacket.

Saturday, Joseph slept a lot and I did as well.  Everybody was tired and it seemed as if the pollen count was getting bad around there–it was winter time but alas, allergies were kicking in.  Sunday, we prepared everything we could and went to bed early enough so we could then pack the remaining things in the car Monday morning and be off to San Jose International Airport.

That night, I had somehow coughed and twisted and heard some snaps.  Unknown at this time, I had broken 5 ribs–I was in terrible pain.  Shucks–even the slightest movement would make you bend down unto your knees and cry.

That morning, though, I was hoping it would have gone away. It did not.  It was slow moving but we had to get them to the airport and I needed to get on the road and start the trip home.  It was a little scary to drive home that far, all by myself, but better me to get stuck in a snow blizzard than the rest of the family.  We made it to the airport. A kiss to everyone and safe travel prayers said and wishes too.  Then I was on my way–I could have sworn I seen a smile come over little Joseph when I said, “We’re finally going home, Son, we’re finally going home! –You lived through this and now we all get to go home!” 

Another special mention is dedicated to Jerry from the Knights of Columbus and his wife Sombat.  Jerry’s wife Sombat also took Maria to an asian market to pick up a few items so we could have some food on the days the RMH didn’t have meals served.  They were kind enough to visit with us a few times and helped me with return gas money.  Thank you so much Jerry!

“Meet you all at home!” I said, and I traveled homeward.
See you soon…  As I was driving away, it occurred to me and became reality–my son, HE LIVES, my son LIVES!

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