I’m Finally Home

Feb. 6th, 2012

After Daddy pulled away, I felt a bit lonely but everything was happening so fast.  We needed to make sure we went through the lines and of course all of us were frisked for safety’s sake and then we went to our waiting place.  Mommy, Christopher, Lola and I went to an opposite corner where there were fewer people because I had to be isolated especially from anyone not feeling well.  The wait seemed forever and Christopher wanted to run through the unconfined open space–there was a lot of running room for him.  We made it into the plane.  They must have known I was coming because mommy showed me a heart with wings.  The flight was an easy one for me–I slept.

When we finally got home–things again were in a scurry.  We went outside for a cab to bring us home–daddy had the car and was somewhere driving home–I wonder where he is.

After the cab ride home–I made it, I made it, this is my Home!  Home sweet Home!

We are still waiting to hear from daddy and while mommy was feeding me, I somehow seemed to connect with her and understood what she was thinking.  She was thinking where all the time went.  That I had grown and we lost so much time, but mommy remembered what her and daddy said to one another, “We lost this time but we have years ahead to celebrate Joseph’s life.”  Awww, are they not the greatest parents?

It’s getting late and daddy finally called.  He had to stop for the night. His side was really hurting him and he was very tired so mommy told him to get a room and she will see him tomorrow.  We were all tired from the trip and so we bid each other goodnight.

I woke up hungry through the night and kept mommy quite busy so we slept in and the phone rang.  It was daddy almost home.  Ahhh, finally I could rest a bit easier knowing all is well and everyone is here so I can heal.  Mommy was still a bit skittish when holding me, not wanting to hurt me in any way but she just doesn’t know I can feel her tension.

Daddy made it home and he had quite a bit to do.  He had to make sure he had all the doctors’ appointments set up and scheduled for me and also call work.  He hurt so bad he finally went to lay down and rest for a while but not before giving me a kiss and Christopher and Mommy too. “Goodnight!” he said.  While daddy was sleeping, mommy and Lola went to unpack the car which was a big help to daddy. 

I am home, and a home is where a family is that dwelleth with love.

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