Current Law: Sec. 10411. Congenital Heart Disease Programs

Subsection 10411(b)(1) would amend Part P of Title III of the PHSA, as amended by Sec. 5405, adding a new

 PHSA Sec. 399V-2

. This new section would authorize the Secretary, acting through the CDC Director, to enhance and expand infrastructure to track the epidemiology of congenital heart disease; to organize such information into a nationally representative surveillance system; or award a grant to one eligible entity to undertake these activities. Sec. 399V-2(d) would require that this surveillance system be made available to the public and Sec. 399V-2(e) would require the Secretary to ensure that the surveillance system is maintained in a manner that complies with the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Sec. 399V-2(c) allows that the surveillance system may include certain content, including, for example, information concerning the incidence and prevalence of congenital heart disease.

Subsection 10411(b)(2) would amend Subpart 2 of Part C of Title IV of the PHSA by adding at the end a new 

PHSA Sec. 425

. Sec. 425(a) would authorize the Director of the NIH National

Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to expand, intensify and coordinate research with respect to congenital heart disease. Sec. 425(b) would authorize the Director of the Institute to coordinate research efforts related to congenital heart disease and may develop research networks, and Sec. 425(c) would require the Director of the Institute to consider, in carrying out the activities under this section, the application of this research to minority and medically underserved populations.  Subsection 10411(c) would authorize to be appropriated SSAN for each of FY2011 through


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