Christopher, my brother, finally we meet.

After time went by, a great moment was about to happen.  Christopher, my brother, was getting well from his cold or something that stuck with him for a while.  All I knew was it was time for me to truly get to know my Brother and I was excited.

 After meeting with him he looked me in the eye and said, “you know Joseph you don’t look so heavy, I will always be here for you!”.  And I replied, “Better watch out I may be carrying you before long!”.  We both giggled and enjoyed our visit and I knew then what is meant by, “Loving your Brother”–for eternity I shall!

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Father of Joseph

One thought on “Christopher, my brother, finally we meet.”

  1. SO PRECIOUS! Christopher is just the SWEETEST big brother! He has finally learned here that Joseph’s a new member of the family 🙂 Those kisses, nosie-nosie & holding baby brother’s hand… he did those on his own, no coaching from Mommy & Daddy! Our Sweeties!!!

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