I’m a Little Miracle

After arriving home, I needed my rest and before Mommy and Daddy could let anyone see me, I had to make it through 2 doctors-my pediatrician and cardiologist.  Dr. Womack was very pleased with the way I have healed from surgery and even took me off my one medicine I was taking besides for baby Tylenol, which was called Lasix.  This medicine was to help make sure I would not have water build up around my heart.  I did take some Tylenol from time to time, because I was simply sore and healing is not the easiest thing especially when you don’t know what is going on.  I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for my mommy and daddy sharing this with me.  My visit with Dr. Bennet was fantastic because I couldn’t have any shots according to my surgeons office.  She really did want me to receive a flu shot because whooping-cough and the flu was running rampant in the area here.  So this meant I was to be isolated, especially from those that were ill.  It was sad because my Brother was not feeling well, but after I was cleared to have friends over–they came by to visit when I was awake.


How wonderful it was to say hi to my God Parents and friends like Jim and Norene, Bill and Theresa and family, Greg and Ella, oh and a special guest Brother Stanley and so many others, slowly but surely they stopped by.

Brother Stanley came here, like my Lola, all the way from the Philippines just to see me and to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy with me.  He was a nice man.

The saddest moment was when I realized my Lola had to go back to the Philippines.  I was enjoying my time with her and now I am going to miss her.  So I took full advantage of my last few moments to study her face and to see into her heart that she and my family and friends alike think I am a Little Miracle.

 * A Special note of Thanks to Mary Rice Hopkins for giving us permission to use her song “I’m a Miracle” in the video.

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