My my, how time flies…

Wow, how time flies.  I am now 10 1/2 months old and so many little things have happened, it’s definitely time to share.  I am awaiting now for my next cardiologist appointment which was postponed–not only once-BUT TWICE!  Funny how Daddy and Mommy found out, they called just to reassure themselves the date and time for my appointment and the nurse said something like–“Oh yeah, by the way he won’t be in town that date.”  Wow, it would have been nice for a simple phone call to explain and reschedule–lucky my parents called.  Daddy and Mommy are a bit concerned because I have grown like a weed, they said, which is fabulous but also concerning since the parts they used to rebuild my defected heart doesn’t grow with the rest of me.  Other signs are coughing and not holding my meals in.  See, when they rebuilt my heart, my arteries were very small so they had to rebuild my heart with small parts that I may outgrow quickly.  The cardiologist said that they may be able to extend this rebuild with stints to open up my artery a bit bigger.  Otherwise, I try to live life like my family–show happiness even under the most stressful situations.

During this time, I have learned to crawl, pull myself up and the words “Momma” and “Daddy” along with things I don’t think they understand because it’s so funny to me but oh my, they just give those quirky eye smirks.  Parents, I wish I would have written a training manual for them.  My bottom teeth came in already and my top two teeth will soon be completely broken through.  Mommy is so happy and yet skiddish when it comes time for feeding.  She has taught me a new word–“Ouch!”

I might be a little behind in development, but everyday I show new things to Mommy and Daddy that surprise them.  I have my favorite toys, I know they were my brother’s one time since he seems to like to play with them only when I show an interest.  So I fool him and pretend not to be interested and then he abandons it to my pleasure.  Hehe.

Now, I even have my favorite foods picked out, even though Mommy really doesn’t know it yet because I seem to eat everything she puts on the long spoon.  Who needs toys when I have cookies that crumble.

A few weeks ago I have learned to enjoy a new toy.  They call it a jumper.  Christopher, my brother, showed me how to use it quite efficiently since it was his at one time.  Mommy is so happy I enjoy it because she says, “it seems to tire him out”, and I take a better nap.  I jump, and jump but little she knows I haven’t even hit my second breathe yet.  Though, I do see Daddy and Mommy observing me a lot to make sure all is well. 

Little brother even learned from me that parents can be taught to come running to you with a little crying, I only wish he took better lessons from me.  Especially Step 3, if they don’t seem to hear you get louder and you don’t need to make any tears until they come through the door or around the corner–then let them flow.

 I learned so many things during these past few months, such as high-fiving Mommy, “signing” milk and I even clap now for things that make me happy.  I know how to dance, well it may look like I am jumping, but it is to the rhythm of the music.

When Daddy comes home, I know how to wave hello and say “Hi” to him. 

All of my toys I get to play with goes through a final inspection by me.  If there is something loose I will find it.  If it rattles or makes a noise I quickly learn how to activate it so it will sing to me like my teaching-talking puppy.

Times are rough for my family right now.  As you know, Daddy hurt himself while coming home from California and he hasn’t gotten any better.  In fact, he gets to see his very own cardiologist next week.  I hope Daddy is okay and gets well so Mommy can stop worrying about where our next meal will be coming from.  All Daddy ever says is I am an inspiration to him–that I give him strength, as well as the Lord, to do all things necessary to live a longer and happier life.  He really wants to be with us boys and Mommy too for a long time.

I leave this entry with a saying I taught my parents: Always Believe in God, in Love and in Hope.

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