Halloween and the day after

Halloween 2012

Wow, my brother is Batman and I’m unsure of all those people — are they people or monsters? We don’t know! But I am sure I am Superman-err, Super-baby, thanks to my Great-aunt Char for my cool shirt, but my brother is the super hero here.  We walked and walked and saw so many things downtown and brother received both mine and his candies.  Wait until next year, brother!  Didn’t mommy do a great job making big brother’s costume? Daddy was so proud of her and brother loved it.

November 1st, 2012

I went to my next cardiologist appointment.  He was a nice man, trying to make me laugh but I wanted to stare into his eyes and see who he really is.  Daddy and Mommy are worried, but they are always concerned over me.  Dr. Womack put a cold instrument–they call it an instrument but I did not hear any sound coming from it.  I think I like the piano better.  After this, he said he wanted to take some pictures of my heart, I said sure and even smiled for him.  Until he tried to make me lay down.  I did not want any part of that–it’s sitting or nothing.  Well, remember I was Superman yesterday and held my position like a wall of steel!  Dr. Womack finally gave up and I got to sit through his picture-taking.  He squirted some funny stuff on me but it was pretty warm and rolled this device all over my chest and stood still and moved again.  Toward the end, I wanted to help but he insisted on taking care of this part and didn’t need my help after all.  He then finished up and wiped my chest with facial tissue and I got to get dressed and back warm again.

Brother says, “Don’t worry Joseph, everything will be okay. Jesus is our SuperHero!”

There was no easy way to say what he had to say besides for that I have outgrown my conduit and it is creating a greater pressure to the artery.  He went on talking and explaining this with Mommy and Daddy. Mommy was holding me and she needed some tissue as well, lots of them!  The doctor did not take any pictures of her, why does she need tissue — but she was crying.  The Doctor was telling Daddy and Mommy that it looks like I will need to have either another surgery much sooner than we were hoping for or if a stent would prolong for a longer period before surgery could be possible.  Dr. Womack decided that he would involve Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital and ask their opinion as well.  I have had this new part only for a little more than 9 months.  But my arteries are small and Daddy was expecting it to be sooner than three years but this was even a shocker for him.  Big brother gave me a kiss and said, “It will all be okay, Jesus will protect you–He surely is our Superhero.” 

I am fine as of now, but soon, after we hear back from the hospital, we should be considering what the next step will be.  I am a bit worried, not only for me, but for my Mommy and Daddy.  So much has happened to them, dear Lord, please help Mommy, Daddy and Me too.  Oh yes, don’t forget my brother.  Daddy is tough though, he and mommy will always do the best for me.

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