Happy Thanksgiving to All

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving where ever you are in the world.  For my thankfulness for you does not end with borders or oceans or mountains or desert lands, but through my heart and soul!

Today was my first Thanksgiving and how I enjoyed the way the food smelled and  looked.  Daddy gave me the opportunity to look at the table up close, but sadly kept me away just enough I could not touch.  By the looks of this bird all dressed out, if he were living I don’t think I would want to be around him, he would be one big monster.  My Mommy and Daddy Laughed and said, aww and he was one of the small ones, Son.

It was time to eat.  Daddy gave me my very first Turkey Drumstick.  Daddy told me that he and his brother would be awarded the Turkey Leg and felt like kings when eating it.

I examined it but my, oh my, how big it is!  I can however handle it already one-handed so I could use my other hand to fully examine this thing of pride.





Finally, I learned what to do. My big brother taught me all I know and finally was rewarded with the bone.  It felt good on my aching teeth.  Mommy says I have more coming in.



We all watched the infamous Macy’s parade on T.V..  Afterward, Mommy, Daddy and I played peek-a-boo.  Although, all I say is “A-boo!” – we can now communicate.  Slowly, I am teaching them my very own language and they understand.  We laughed, danced with big brother to christmas music while daddy was cooking our delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

My breathing is becoming harder and I heard daddy exclaim to mommy, “We need to watch out for little baby rascal a bit closer” because I seem to be breathing through my mouth more with labored breathes.  Please, could you all keep me in your prayers, please.

Soon, it will be my daddy’s birthday and I know this only because after his, mine follows so very close.  Always 8 days away.  My first birthday!  I wonder what my first birthday cake will taste like.

Before I leave this message behind, I want to make a special note to my Great-Aunt Char!  How wonderful you are and I hope you will be feeling better soon.  We sure do love you and Thankful for you and all your heart has done for us.

As always, we hope everyone knows how thankful we are for each and every one of you!

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