My First Memorable Christmas Season

 Saturday evening the first of December, we all went to look at Christmas lights.  Here you can see my amazement how bright and how many different colors that are displaying all at one time.  So very bright and such a big tree!  We are viewing this tree in downtown Nampa, ID.  It was a safe stop since the town tree resides next to the police station.  I don’t ever remember seeing so many lights before.


Earlier that day, I had the scare of my life.  First, my big brother was brought to this person who my mommy and daddy called Santa.  I observed brother being urged to go but he sure wasn’t running up to him like someone we knew.  Then, mommy brought me to him and placed me on his lap.  I took one look at this funny-dressed person and somehow I knew why brother didn’t want to go visit them and let out a scream that could not be ignored.  Mommy was there to come to my aid and comforted me.  After regrouping my thoughts, I looked at daddy for a moment and all was fine, but within a twinkling blink of an eye, I looked at him again and knew I was too close to him ( the man they call Santa ) and sure let mommy know with a screech of terror that she better move away!  Maybe next year, but this year mommy and daddy – please don’t bring me around funny looking people in wild-looking beards and mustaches of white, and faces completely hidden but the gleam of their glasses.  Please!

I believe I am catching mommy’s cold.  I am utterly amazed I am even saying this because mommy never, I repeat never gets sick.  My breathing was already labored because I have outgrown my conduit but now I have the cough of coughs and beginning of a fever.  Mommy gave me a dose of infant ibuprofen which brought my temperature down but some of my coughs were so hard I thought I was losing my breath.  Mommy and Daddy went on high alert again and watched over me.  Sometimes, I wish they would just relax, yet again I am glad to have two parents that care about me so much.  Love you Mommy and Daddy!  Thank you God for giving me to them.  Merry Christmas and a great Holiday Season to all of you!

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