Angels Among Us

angelhamdinhand copyThroughout my short life, I have envisioned and experienced so many blessings from what seems to be ordinary people but definitely prove to me there are Angels Among Us!


To see one of these angels, one only needs to look with your heart and open your eyes to the light &  love of GOD!


The other day, daddy came home with a genuine glow of peace and his eyes were glistening.  For one of these angels he was talking to in a Wal-Mart checkout line blessed my family with buying our groceries for the day.  Angels, they are among us.

The help from the heart of one of God’s beautiful creation–how it brings peace to families that the beauty and comforting warmth of the sun has been blotted out from loss of hope and peace from situations in one’s life that seem to be unrelenting and the outcome bleak or unknown, can and does bring joy, peace and comfort–if not for just a moment.  To bring out the sun from the darkening clouds brings the love of Christ to their very souls.

I have witnessed the very joy through my parents’ eyes when it is evident that they have seen an angel among us… ohhh, the relief that comes to their saddened and fearful hearts all in the while hearing their saddened voices perk up with life again.  These angels can come in many forms:  family, friends, anonymous people, church members and many more.

It has been a very rough 1 1/2 years for us and still continues.  Besides for my illness and surgery, daddy also got real sick and is on long-term disability making a fraction of what he earned.  The bills haven’t changed and although they have been living a very meager life style — there is no catching up in sight for a while.  Then, finding out I am needing another heart surgery because I have outgrown my old conduit has put a damper on many things.  But, I have to hand it to my mommy and daddy–they keep moving forward always looking to make someone laugh and smile.  always have an ear to help others.  Sharing their personal turmoil they are in but never loosing faith or hope.  They too, are my angels sent from above.  But, they refute and say I am their little angel.  Hmm, maybe we were made in heaven to be together.

One time, I had a dream and I asked the Lord–why doesn’t my mommy and daddy have a book of life so they know what to do when things become so dark, the Lord said to me–there are so many moments that each of you find yourself in that if God were to write a book for each of us–we couldn’t lift the book but he has a special way to teach you through his angels.  They appear in the timeliest moments and places with special directions from God — personal instructions, just for them.  Then I awoke and I was hungry.  Seems to me everyone needs an angel if not once in their lifetime.  God’s love surely is never-ending!

I would like to take this moment to thank all those angels that show the beautiful, radiant love of God and extend a helping hand to help one of God’s creation.  Thank you!



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