12 months old on 12-12-12, Magical!

My First Birthday! December 12th, 2012

It’s my First Birthday today! My parents are in such a celebratory mood–lots of hugs and kisses! It makes me feel all warm inside.

c12M- IMG_4828-3Mommy woke up early, fed me and then I watched her have fun in the kitchen.  It was pleasantly warm and she was humming a tune–Happy Birthday, Joseph.  Wonder why she was calling my name so much. Each time she said my name I would turn but she wasn’t looking at me so I would say, “Huh? What, Mommy?”, in my special baby grunt style.

Throughout the day, Mommy was busy and we ate, slept, but then it came time for dinner.  I saw these things go “Kaboom!” if you pinch them – all kinds of different colors, and then the doorbell rang, again and again.  All my mommy and daddy’s friends came by along with my Godfather Ian, Theresa, Grandma Norene and Papa Jim. Ian came earlier. He wasn’t feeling very good and it was a full house.  Brother tried to vie for their attention but I was the Superboy for the day!  c12M- IMG_4801-1

I got to eat my first piece of birthday cake today, wow! I ate it all up too, yummy!  That is what mommy was doing in the kitchen all day.

I heard mommy and daddy exclaim how happy they were that I have survived the first year. A little less than a year ago was my first surgery.

c12M- IMG_4867-1Not so sure why but today’s my lucky day.  I ate real food–hehe birthday cake and I made noise with paper. You know paper makes such exciting noises and there were toys and clothes… how did I get so lucky?

I will grow to understand why all these nice things are happening to me today, not complaining at all-I sure love it.  It was such a special day: Feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I am 12 months old and hehe the date was 12-12-12.  I was told by daddy it will be a day that will never be replicated again and it’s extra special because so many numbers match up.

Today, I am 1-year-old and loving every minute of it!

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