Joseph’s heart catheterization appointment

stintappointmentToday, December 21st, 2012 daddy received a shocking phone call.  My last visit with my cardiologist determined that we need to start planning on the next heart surgery or maybe a stint to widen my artery to relieve pressure from the growing heart to the non-growing conduit.  The cardiologist said we have sometime to get a second opinion from my surgeon’s crew at Lucille Packard Children’s hospital and once we received this we would be contacted to plan our next move.  Weather a stint would prolong surgery for a lengthy time, or a stint is necessary just to prolong enough until we can get surgery planned or we would go straight to surgery.  So, daddy was looking out for the cardiologist’s office to call and discuss his and their findings further but the cardiologist strongly suggested we would not hear from them until after the holidays.

The phone call came with making an emphasis of setting an appointment for my heart catheterization, yet we had not even heard nor discussed such.  We will have the surgery here in Boise, ID on January 8th, 2013 at 7:30 a.m. arrival time.  1 year exactly from the day I had my open heart surgery which was January 8th, 2012 about the same time as well.

I hope they will be able to find and repair and delay another open heart surgery until I am a bit older–at least old enough to talk before my next one.  We will see, if we get lucky enough to talk with the doctor before his surgery we will share.

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