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fromustoyoumerrychristmas2012Merry Christmas

It’s my first memorable Christmas and I sure enjoyed it immensely, especially when things are so tough for my parents. But on Jesus’ Birthday, He sure shares His blessings in such beautiful ways.


IMG_5005-1We had such nice friends come by on Saturday, the 22nd of December to visit with us and I suspect Santa had come by their home and asked them to deliver some gifts to us because they sure brought us wrapped gifts in all sizes!

Here, you can see big brother amazed at how they were piled up taller than he was.  The first of many blessings from Jesus’ Angels.





Then, Christmas Eve came and Grandma Norene and Papa Jim come by for a quick visit with another box — no toys but they brought a spectacular dinner for us!  Deliciously cooked, daddy and mommy cried – it’s been such a long time they had such a great meal and the first for it to be prepared for them, well for Christopher and me too!  Scrumptious!  Thank you to those angels that prepared this fine dinner and to Grandma Norene and Papa Jim for bringing it over before going to Christmas Eve Mass.  I wish we could have gone with them.  But with my surgery coming up soon, mommy and daddy are very protective of me and brother too and don’t want me to get sick before surgery.

Armed with full bellies, brother and I went to bed fairly early and mommy and daddy had to stay awake to let Santa in after we were fast asleep.  See, we don’t have a chimney and there is an apartment above us so daddy had to be awake for sure to let Santa in the doorway.  Before we went to sleep though, we sang christmas carols as a family and daddy told us about Saint Nicholas and how he was such a giving man.  Reminds me of our Angels that have helped us.

IMG_5062-2It was around 7 a.m. Tuesday morning when I heard brother arise from his sleep.  I said, “Hang on, brother!”, but it was too late. He was already out of bed and out of the room in a flash.  So I had to cry a bit louder to awaken mommy–but it worked and we were already out the door and then I seen it…IMG_5069-1

I simply was so amazed, I dropped down to my knees and thanked the Lord that day for such an awesome blessing.  Thank you Jesus, Thank you!

IMG_5074-1Mommy baked so many goodies for Santa, but today we got to enjoy everything Santa left behind.  They were so yummy… sugar cookies, butter cookies, chocolate chip with walnuts and spice cake with cream cheese frosting–oh la la, it’s soooo good.

IMG_5106-1Brother got to the toys first.  We received wonderfully warm clothes, snowboots, books and all kinds of nice looking clothes.  Even though he got to the toys first I got to this amazing gift myself.

IMG_5115-3It even had a picture of someone no bigger than me.  I was thoroughly tickled that I was as big as them.  When mommy opened it up for me, wow, look at all the lights and sounds and I can even use it to balance and walk with.  I love this gift as I love all the gifts I received this year from clothes to books to toys.  Oh did I mention Toys–Toys!

Some special friends had come by. Theresa, Bill and their family stopped by to drop off a gift from daddy’s prayer group and my Godfather Ian stopped by later this evening for a plate of yummy Christmas dinner.  IMG_5195-3In the evening, we had a delicious dinner cooked by daddy.  There wasn’t as much as like if it was a big family get together, but more than enough no-one left the table hungry.

IMG_5227-1To seal the already perfect day, we ended it with it being a White Christmas.  Daddy says the snow on Jesus’ birthday is to remind us He came to this world to teach us of God’s love and when He died and arose again, He would forgive us of our sins and cleans us as white as snow.

Wishing each of you a Merry Christmas and a safe new year with many blessingsIMG_5273-3 throughout the New Year.

Christopher, playing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” the piano is a gift from his loving Godmother Nancy.

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