Preparation for tomorrows surgery

January 07, 2013

As we are nearing to the end of this day, there is time to reflect on tomorrows surgery for little Joseph.  Our dear son is still all smiles, well protected from the concerns, stress and worries of tomorrows surgery.  But, as parents, we cannot hide from the realities of what tomorrow means or brings.

No matter how invasive a certain surgery is the worries and thoughts of the worst case scenarios don’t seem to dissolve into thin air but rather multiply in intensity as time draws near.  Knowing the Loss of your child is not up for consideration but sadly can be a reality.  The struggle we go through when you hand over your child to utter strangers licensed to fix your child  whom is in need of fixing but otherwise they are in good shape and hoping you have him returned to you — better than before.

Prayer is a way to ease the pain of worry, knowing you have friends and family locally and afar from church, Facebook, twitter, online, in town and throughout the world saying prayers for our little Joseph brings a certain amount of peace and especially hope, but nothing seems to override the un-quenching consequences until the surgery itself is over.  We want to say Thank you to all those that have said a prayer for our son and for us as well.  THANK YOU!

Preparation is easing, double checking to make sure all insurance cards and other items are packed.  Packing enough food to satisfy our little toddler and to feed us through the day.  A toy or two to help Christopher pass time as we wait tomorrow.  A little toy Norene brought by so when Joseph awakens he will have something new next to him along with all of us.

These are the things I don’t think we will ever get a full grip on and be able to say we can hurdle the next time.  Preparing for the worst, is never easy and hoping for the best sometimes can be scary.

6:17:24 PM Tonight, we get that dreaded phone call from the Hospital informing us that some authorizations have not been received and probably will be received tomorrow but we will need to sign paperwork saying we will be held responsible for the bill if they cannot get the authorizations needed.  Another unnecessary worry.  All in the day and time of Joseph’s Journey.

In closing, we try our best to bring our worries before the lord and lay them at his feet where we try to leave them.  Hope for always the best outcome and as Saint Pio Says, Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry.

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