Well Baby Pediatrician Visit Friday Jan 17th, ’13

Too big for the boxTomorrow at 9:45 I will be at my next well baby visit with my pediatrician Dr. Bennet.  I am still not skirmish about seeing her like my brother is.  However, I have some questions for her I hope she will be prepared to answer.

One is about the aspirin regime my cardiologist had assigned to me.  If I am to stop taking it while I have a fever or am sick with the flu–hope the flu shot works.  The reason our insurance company did not fill it because I am too young to take aspirin and because of the direct conflict with my age and consequences of possible Reyes syndrome.  So, I guess it will be up to my pediatrician to decide whether my stent and possible clotting so near my heart out ranks the chances of getting Reyes syndrome.  Neither I want.

The second question is for her to observe not only the huge bruise but now the hard lump that resides in the same area as where they entered with the catheter.  Also, since the episode of what I did by pulling out my breathing tube all by myself and handing it to the nurse – I seem to have a sound as if I am gasping for air a lot here lately.  Maybe I hurt my throat when I did that – I hope not.  I am sure I will be visited by the nurse again-OUCH!

We will find out tomorrow and as soon as I know something from my pediatrician I am sure to share it here with you.

UPDATE: January 18, 2013

a cold chilly morning

It was a cold cold morning when we left.  The streets were eerily baron for this time on a friday morning at 9:30ish am. We made it to the pediatrics office and my Doctor was glad to see me.  We had 4 shots today, my second booster shot for flu, my pneumonia shot and two others.  The two questions daddy and mommy wanted to ask, they did.  But she referred them back to the cardiologist.  They called his office when they got home a little after 10:30 am and still have not heard back from them.  Now the anticipation waits for the return phone call come Monday.  I will keep you updated.

UPDATE: January 23, 2013

Today we heard back from our cardiologist doctors office.  We were asked if my bruise was getting worse and explained that sometimes, more often than not that the blood will pool and it takes awhile for it to be absorbed back into the system.  Seeing the bruise is not getting any worse and the nurse said she had seen worse, so I am assuming all is okay with my entry point wound from the heart cath.  We also were concerned about my aspirin regime and my having a temperature that I was running about 100-101 probably from the four baby shots that I received last friday.  The nurse explained that 101 is not considered a high temperature and that they were discussing this morning how they all took baby aspirin when they were children and never knew anyone that came up with Reyes Syndrome.  My mommy replied to my daddy, we never really heard of chd until I was born with chd. So, all is well with me even with the gasping for air at times and I still seem to be getting a bit tired when I am nursing.

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