CHD Awareness Week February 7th – 14th 2013

My Chd Awareness Campaign PosterToday starts an important week for me and many others, it is the week of CHD Awareness Week.  For me because it gives me time to reflect how I shared and help aid families to know more and become aware about CHD.  It also reminds me that four days before was the date I got to [p2p type=”slug” value=”going-home”]come home[/p2p] from the hospital and I survived my very first open heart surgery.  You know, Daddy was telling me at least 1.8 million Americans alone have some sort of CHD.  If you were to gather all of us up and create our very own city, we would be in the TOP 5 largest cities in the U.S.. Now, that is something to think about.  CHD is an illness that is hidden from site for the most part.  Unless we are going through surgery or treatments, no-one would recognize we have something wrong that cannot be cured, and creates little mountains we ourselves must climb.  As little ones, we seem to live as carefree as any other child.  Don’t worry, our parents seem to harbor all the worries for us and watch over us with careful and concerned eyes.  My mommy and daddy tell me I must have been powdered by sugar when I came into this world because I am irresistibly kissable and super hug-able like my Pooh Bear.  To learn more facts about CHD read my post about [p2p type=”slug” value=”congenital-heart-defect-facts-and-statistics”]CHD Facts[/p2p].

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