A Look Back through the last months

TunnelTime My My time has passed by since my last entry.  So many neat things have happened.  Its time to look back through time – through the Time Tunnel.

Not too long ago I had some special guest come to visit me, Christopher and mommy and daddy.  Christopher’s God Mother come by to visit with me and it was such a special time.  Nancy and Cecile came all the way from Dubai U.A.E. to visit us for several days.  We had a real good time together.  Christopher was so very happy to see His God Mother Nancy for the first time.Mommies Friends from UAE

Nancy and Cecile have been mommies friends for a long time.  They used to all work together there before mommy came here to marry daddy.  I hope they come to visit us again.  Not only was I and Christopher happy to see them but you could see mommy was so very happy too.  Daddy thought they were very nice and glad mommy has such good friends.

In these last few months I have learned how to say mommy and daddy and I am learning the alphabet and numbers.  My big brother is really good with these and I see the excitement in his learning so I love to learn right along with him.  I am learning as well what foods I like and how to spit out the foods I don’t. Mommy tries to pull a fast one on me and sometimes gives me peas and carrots but hides them in applesauce.  I like applesauce but out comes the peas and carrots.  I have learned to be more mobile and walk and run around now.  Though its only been a few months I can’t really remember being the super crawler.  Mommy reminds me how speedy I was crawling, but I am quicker now! 

My Last pediatrics visit went as well as expected.  I know after the doctor leaves that one nurse always comes in to make me cry.  Don’t let anyone fool you-those shots really really hurt and its scary cause they do this so quickly.  I think Dr. Bennet was setting me up with an eye doctor.  It seems they are concerned about my having to get really close to an object when I want to really see it clearly.  We haven’t heard back from them yet though so I think daddy will call and remind them and see if I am going to get to go and visit the eye doctor soon.

Not to long ago I went to see my cardiologist and he won’t let nothing happen to me that can’t be fixed.  If heart surgeries were easy, he said, I would be having one now.  But with the stent in place we decided to let me get a little older and watch, carefully watch me for any signs that would need immediate attention.  This way, each day I get a little bigger I will get a bigger part in me and it will last that much longer.  I am getting short of breathe and sweating a bit more.  Daddy is watching over me as well as mommy.  Big Brother protects me from all things, even from myself.  He is the best, I can be mean to him and he tells on me but doesn’t pay me back!

There are so many things that have happened I am sure I will be back to update soon.

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