August and Watermelon

Me and my watermelonThere is just something about these hot days in August and watermelon.  Mommy and Daddy used to cut up the watermelon for me but I have mastered the pleasure of eating watermelon so much they couldn’t keep up with me.  So, now I get my very own big boy piece.  It surely is delicious!

A few weeks ago I had my eyes tested.  My Mom and Dad seemed to think I needed to go to the eye doctor because every time I wanted to see something in detail I would have to put my face up to it to see.  Next week I should be getting my very first pair.  They say these glasses I am getting are indestructible.  I say bring it on and let me test it out.  They haven’t employed a tester like me.  If they are Joseph proof then they will be indestructible.

Daily WalkAs time has gone by I have found my Big Brother to be the neatest brother in the whole world.  In fact I think I have become his shadow.  Mommy and Daddy allow me to do all that I can, of course with a watchful eye, but to never stand in my way of what I can do.  I am slowing down a bit and watch big brother run down the hall way and wait for him to come through the living room and then I run really fast and beat him to the finish line.  Winner!  Of course, my breathing is becoming so much more labored now and anything I actively do I will pour on the sweat.  My next surgery is creeping closer and closer-of course I am not really thinking about it much but my folks sure keep that eye on me.  Nevertheless. I am having fun–hard giggling fun especially when I get Daddy’s attention — sometimes its hard to do so I have to get his leg and tell him to turn around and watch me and he does.  That’s when I give it my all and run all the way down the hall way screeching a motor type sound as I am running.  I’ve learned so much from big brother, especially how to get my way.  He definitely teaches me and I hope he is proud of my success!

Well, I hope next year you will have a piece of watermelon on August 31.  Wherever you are be sure that I sure will.

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