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Yesterday, August 31st of 2013 I was finally registered with the Philippine consulate to secure my rightful place as being a citizen of the Philippines.  I am so proud to have 2 places to call home, dual citizenship.  Proud to be an American, a citizen of the United States of America as well as Proud to be a Filipino, a citizen of the Philippines.  This will carry on to be something I can share with my friends through my lifetime.  I am so thankful of my Mommy and Daddy and proud of their heritages.  I am also so very proud they have given me and my brother the opportunity to make our own decisions when we are older to where we would like to live.  Though I can only reside one place at a time, my pride for both countries are of equal dimension.

Just something I wanted to share that happened in my young life that is very special to me.  This is something I will hold of great value throughout my life, something that not everybody is afforded.

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