Thanksgiving Day 2013

Always ThanksgivingIt is always a glorious and a special time on Thanksgiving Day.  Not so much as an American Holiday but just to be thankful for all that I have.  Two wonderful parents and an awesome brother.  Today, our table was full of food.  One special memory mommy will always have is when daddy showed me the table and I went running to tell mommy to come out and see the table.  She was so tickled over my persuasive ways in making sure she came out to see the table full of so much wonderful food.  I was so excited – I couldn’t believe my eyes!

After dinner, brother, mommy and I enjoyed some fine cherry pie and daddy shared with us the story of the first Thanksgiving day in America.  We also thanked God for all the awesome things he blessed us with throughout the year and the people in our lives.

Afterward we spent time together all the while brother and I played with candles, but they didn’t burn us.  It was a fun time exploring these little lights.

We hope each of you had an awesome Thanksgiving and found many things in your life to be thankful about as well.



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