The anticipation begins…

Haircut TimeAfter Thanksgiving, the days move fast.  Haircuts top the list.  Both brother and I got one – this way when it is Christmas time it will grow out just a bit so it looks natural-well as natural as can be.  First it is my Daddy’s Birthday, then the long awaited birthday of mine.  Then, I dread the visits but I know it must be-the doctors.  I like my pediatrician but its her nurse that when she comes into the room-it simply means SHOTS!  OUCH!  The next day, I hope to recover fast from those shots, my parents are worrisome about because I go and see my cardiologist.  He really is a friendly doctor as well.  He will take pictures of my heart again and he will learn a little secret about me.  I don’t like to lay down for too long.  Let the battle begin.

My parents are troubled because they really just don’t know how much longer it will be for my next heart surgery.  Last Spring, the cardiologist said he was really sure that there should be no complications of waiting and we will reassess in the fall.  My breathing has become more labored-though I don’t let it slow me down any.  I can keep going until I am so exhausted.  Then, all it takes for me is a few minutes to recoup and off again I go.

After this, it will be Christmas time.  Now that I will be two years old, I am a bit wiser to what this is all about.  Can’t wait.  Oh, and by the way it is Jesus Birthday too!

Anticipation is grand – but I sure will have fun in the meantime counting the days…



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