Hybrid cardiovascular procedures in selected congenital heart defects treatment in children: one centre experience.

Haponiuk I, Chojnicki M, Jaworski R, Steffens M, Szofer-Sendrowska A, Juściński J, Kwaśniak E, Szymanowicz W, Gierat-Haponiuk K, Leszczyńska K

Kardiol Pol 2013 Dec;

PMID: 24293147


Pediatric hybrid cardiovascular procedures are becoming more and more popular, with the wide spectrum of cardiovascular abnormalities and the population of patients who could gain a benefit from hybrid therapy. Contemporary hybrid procedures are introduced in the settings where routine cardiac surgery or cardiac interventions would not bring satisfactionary results, while cooperation of cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology appears more beneficial and less invasive for the patient. The aim of the study is to present the results of selected congenital heart defects treatment with the use of hybrid procedures in the Department [ośrodek], in the period from 2008 to 2013. The group of consecutive 80 patients referred for hybrid procedures were retrospectively analyzed. In the group 73 patients survived, there were 4 early deaths (up to 30 days after the operation), that gives 5% of general mortality; there was one interstage death in the HLHS group. Hybrid procedures in children with congenital heart defects combine the experience of cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology. Hybrid treatment is an additional alternative option for selected group of borderline patients. Initial results of hybrid treatment are promising for further development of common strategies to provide optimal benefits for the patients.



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