My 2 year Birthday today 12-12-2013


On my birthday today I learned what wishes were.  So my wish before I blew out those beautiful candles is that All children would be swiftly healed from any illness and that any worries our parents have over us would simply diminish.  I snuck in another wish as well, that to be healed would not be so expensive on our parents.  What a true blessing that would be!

We had a lot of fun today.  Besides for gifts, my Godfather brought me a prayer rosary and a card and I got building blocks and cookware to learn how to cook and a big dump truck to play with as well.  Many balloons and a couple really large ones.  A wonderful pizza dinner and time with my mommy and daddy and brother too!  It was simply priceless.  I wish the day never ended but it must and to bed I go.

Now the wait begins for next week I have 2 appointments one with the pediatrician which means shots.  And the other is with my cardiologist.  I heard daddy say earlier he hopes that if surgery is needed he hopes it can be after winter.  The drive to California from here is not always a delightful trip in the winter time.  He knows soon Surgery is eminent but none of us are looking forward to it.

Well I want to thank all the family and friends on facebook too for wishing me a happy Birthday-Thank you!





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