2 Year Pediatrician Appointment

Waiting for my PediatricianToday. me and my brother went to the pediatrician-Dr. Bennett for my 2 year checkup.  We learned a lot today and will also be looking at my thumb soon with another doctor since it doesn’t like to bend but she feels like it can be fixed and I could be doing so much more!

My checkup went well today and it seems like I am on track with so many other children my age.  My daddy and mommy were quite happy to hear that since so many heart surgeries at such a young age seem to challenge our behavior and learning skills.

Today I learned how important a flu shot is for children like me.  She explained that while waiting for the right time for my next surgery that catching the flu could cause unnecessary strain on my heart, which I don’t want.  I already test my hearts ability to it’s limit because there is no stopping me-I have to keep up with my big brother.  We also learned the difference between the flu shot and having it administered through the nose.  The shot is still recommended for me because the nasal mist is actually a live virus strains and could make me sick with the flu something it is supposed to me from.  So the shot is a better choice and highly recommended.  Interesting huh?

My brother and I both were given the flu shot and I had one extra.  I held my lip though and didn’t cry but to my amazement-big brother did.  The reward though were these neat stickers on my leg and yes-a Sucker!  Yum Yum!

Well, tomorrow I go see my cardiologist Dr. Womack and I hope all goes well.



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