My 2 year cardiologist visit

I visited Dr. Womack – my cardiologist yesterday, Dec 18th.  It was just me and daddy this time and as always I enjoyed visiting with him.  I sometimes got scared just a bit and called out to mommy, but she wasn’t there.  Daddy was on my side though and comforted me when I got scared with the man taking pictures of my heart.  The liquid they put on me sometimes felt a bit hot I later told mommy but I didn’t complain when I was there.

Joseph and Santa 2013My parents can’t believe it but this is the first Christmas we get to celebrate with each other and not having a planned surgery in Jan.  I never did let it worry me but I sure can see a sigh of relief in their eyes and their smiles are so very genuine.  This is going to be my best Christmas to date!  I can’t wait.  CJ, a little elf, is watching us but pretty soon he will have to go back to the North Pole and be with Santa again.  Santa even came to the house last weekend and daddy had to watch the reindeer on the roof.  I was a bit nervous of seeing him but I will remember that moment for a long long time.  Santa is funny and nice.  Daddy and mommy tell me his real name is St Nicholas and he watches over us and knows if we have been good or bad.  My first thought was why?  But its all okay and the day went on.

Dr. Womack had some good news to share with daddy.  Yes, my right ventricle is working a bit harder and a little back flow in my left ventricle where they put the stint but I seem to be handling it fairly well.  Making a decision and thought when it would be best and most beneficial for my next heart rebuild is a tricky process.  Daddy would like it before I start regular school and yet to be the most benefit now and years to come I need to grow a bit more to be able to put in an adult part and rebuild my heart so I can go for a long time afterward. We need to keep an eye on me and watch how it interrupts my everyday life and try to extend it as much as we can before surgery.  I may need to go and get another stent before final surgery day but all this is in the future.  A true Christmas with no worries about me having surgery right around the corner, a true blessing.



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