Happy Valentines 2014

HeartHeroHappy Valentines Day!  I hope each and everyone of you find the heart to display love to all today!  We have just went through CHD week and what a success it was in spreading the word about CHD.  Simply Awesome-Thanks to each of you we have spread the news Worldwide one person at a time.  THANK YOU!

So much to talk about and catch up with.  Today was a sweet day, gave my mommy a valentine gift and made daddy a valentine card.  They both loved them.  We, brother and I, received cards and Free Kissescandy hearts and our own puppy.  I have a spotted dalmatian.   Valentines day–a special day full of sweetness and lots of kisses!

This month I also got to meet Sandra, my new teacher.  She comes by the house once a week and I learn from her.  Every other week my daddy and I get to go to school and meet up with a bunch of other children around my age.  It is soooo much fun!

Come March the 4th at 9 a.m. I will be going into surgery.  Not for my heart but this time for my thumb.  They say I won’t have to stay in the hospital overnight which is fantastic.  Daddy will be with me so I am going to be brave and strong.  I may get scared though and holler for mommy, but let’s hope not.  Well I hope each of you enjoyed this special day of Love and Joy and I will see you all soon.



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