Miracles never cease

Armed and prepared for a lengthy surgery and another long recovery, Little Joseph proved once again to overcome all odds and triumph through this grueling surgery.  Surgery itself went very well, not that we ever expected any differently with one of the best doctors on the west coast Dr. Reddy.

joseph dec 2014 3rd open heart surgery 1This is where the miracles started to happen.  Within 12 hours his breathing tube was taken out and breathing well on his own.  On my Birthday, December 4th, 2 more milestones happened, he sang happy birthday to me as well as going for a walk.joseph dec 2014 3rd open heart surgery 2  the third day, we went to the playroom and he decided to play and released from the hospital on the 4th day.  We waited through the weekend and checked in one last time before our long drive home to Idaho and the final check up was sensational.

Miracles, never cease!



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