Wow what a year it has been!

A week before Christmas and all through the house, I just became five and am so very happy I am alive!

My 5th year Birthday Cake

A week ago I celebrated an awesome birthday with my family and many blessings from friends all around the world.

This year the theme for my birthday was Batman and super hero’s.  My Dad says I am a superhero especially to him and with the experience I brought to him through my own challenges made him stronger to go through his very own.  In fact, we are pretty lucky to have daddy with us to help us celebrate Christmas this year.  See, like Son-Like Father, he overcame a heart attack and emergency open heart surgery earlier this year and even though he said it was a bit scary of the unknown he was going to be strong and come through since he seen how well I did through the several I have been through already.

For some reason Daddy had a harder time recovering and still is but I am being there for him and we share a special bond now.  I was scared for him when he went to surgery but right before he went in he reminded me he was going away for a short time so we both will have a special tattoo that we can share between us always and have something very special between the two of us and he reassured me that he will return.  Sure enough, as always my daddy kept his word and now I get to hug him–not as tight as I like too right now, I sure do like and miss his very very tight hugs.

I however am doing great!  I fully believe that I can do anything my older brother can do and now I don’t even let him get away with much just because he is a little bigger.  However, I am finding out I do have my limitations.  Not that I understand it quite yet but I figure being tired a little bit once in a while is just like my daddy-though I am bigger than he is and don’t take a nap like he does.

Have a merry Christmas and a safe but joyful new year everyone!





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