Like Son, Like Father. As a Father can Learn from his Son.


Many times we as parents are proud of our children when they follow in our footsteps however, I am here to share a moment in my life that I am proud to follow in my son’s footsteps.  When Joseph was born I prayed so very hard to allow me to be the one to go through what he was going to have to go through and well, yes, if God needed to take anyone, to take me and allow him to live.  At first, I really didn’t know that he had heard me, even after he made it through not only his first one, but his second one and then his third I cried aloud.  Always sitting by his bedside or guarding him through any troubles this life may offer him.  Then, full circle came around, when he was 4 years old I started to have some really bad chest pains and relying on nitrostat several times a day to simply get through the day.  Of course, not much came to worry I seen several surgeries through my son and thought nothing more of it until all the tests came back and come to find out I was having mini to massive heart attacks and needed to have emergency heart surgery.  Joseph, little ole Joseph stepped to the plate and comforted me and more his mother saying he knew I would make it cause he has gone through several and see, he was okay.  Before I left for surgery, I told him I was going away for a few days and he said yes, I know and you will come back with a tattoo of life like me–right?  I said, Yes–proudly so.  He was there after my surgery and while his big brother was scared to even come into the room because of all the hoses and wires connected me and keeping me alive, he came in to be with me and his Mom and braved it through comforting her and his big brother.  It is so funny how things come out for the best and sometimes, just sometimes we as parents need to learn from our children too as I have learned they can teach us a thing or two as well.  Now, more than ever I am proud to walk with him, expressing joy to our second chance of life we both get to share.




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