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Thank you DigiMarc for helping us protect our precious son’s photos while we share his journey with other families in hopes to help each family that crosses his path.

Flipping Book: We appreciate your kindness and generosity in allowing us to use your program.  It really has helped to give our friends here a simple way to read our son’s journey as like a book.  Thank you. Visit Flipping Book Now
It’s My Heart — English | It’s My Heart — Español | The Children’s Heart Foundation Has graciously given us their permission to make available for reading online it’s my heart book. Please follow the link above if your child or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect (CHD) to obtain a hard copy of this fine book.
Many awareness and support groups have their own newsletters to help keep you informed of current issues and updates.  Joseph’s Journey is now offering the same.  We scoured the programs for use with our blog software and found wysija offers the most flexible and feature rich newsletter program around.  Easy to use, makes it also a great asset.  Thank them for us by visiting their site in granting us permission to use their program!
A Big THANK YOU to Josh Lobe whom produces professional quality WordPress Plug-ins.  This Plug-In Ultimate TinyMCE Pro has become a blessing to me making the WordPress editor truly powerful enough to present professional looking posts with little time.  Besides for being the author/developer of this awesome plug-in he is one really nice guy that gives great support.  Learn more about Josh at his personal website. Thank You Josh!
vCita The folks at Vcita were kind enough to offer this service to us so we can be equipped to be there for you. If you have any questions, comments, or even just to say hello and introduce yourself, please feel free to set up a meeting. Go by and visit these fine folks and click on the link Vcita-especially if you could use even a little bit of help with scheduling and meetings, you will find their services invaluable. An awesome service to have and great people as well heading up the operations there at Vcita.

This Editor Plug-In Zedity helps posts come alive and vibrant and puts the fun in writing!

many thanks to cm plugins

  We wish to Thank CMPlugins for their generosity of allowing us to use their tooltip plugin.  This allows you to read many of the posts with explainable terms.  Thanks for helping make our support group the best it can be!  With your plugin, now our users can quickly reference terms they may not readily understand.  Excellent Plugin!


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