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 We wish to thank Hostgator, our service provider for web hosting.  They have brought to us peace of mind, wonderful customer service, assistance for 6 months and fabulous uptime.  Check them out for class “A” plus hosting.  If you choose to use their hosting service use coupon code myfriends25percent to receive 25% off.

Flipping Book: We appreciate your kindness and generosity in allowing us to use your program.  It really has helped to give our friends here a simple way to read our son’s journey as like a book.  Thank you. Visit Flipping Book Now


DoMySEOA very knowledgeable company that has helped us out with a keyword for Joseph’s Journey and helping those around the world have access to our site so we can help educate and spread awareness of CHD.  Extremely polite and helpful with many neat ideas to accomplish one goal-Make your site more accessible and move up in the busy lanes of Search Engines.  If you have a need of well educated people willing to work hard for your site–I recommend you to visit DoMySEO now, why wait..  Thank you DoMySEO in helping us help other families around the world that have been diagnosed with a child having congenital heart defect.  This fine company is willing as well to help with further aid with our SEO needs, so please give them a try – I bet they will be there to please and work extremely hard for your cause or project or business!


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