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What a relief, I'm too young to worry but I was beginning to wonder if I would 

ever be released from the ICU baby Prison.  Actually, it was alright and my 

private nurse was just fine and I was glad to have them there in case 

something went wrong.  It truly is a relief also for my mommy and daddy.  

They are celebrating that I overcame my very first hurdle and I am here to be 

with my parents.  

Before Daddy came, Mommy took me out of the hospital bassinet and we 

immediately began to bond.

Mommy and I spent a good time getting to know one another.  I can really 

enjoy my time with mommy.  Low and behold, a deep sound came from the 

doorway.  Oh my goodness, its my daddy!  He lifted me up into his arms and 

hugged me and then gazed at me with such pride.  I felt really really safe.