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May 29, 2012

Homeward Bound

Another days gone by and today I overheard the nurses talk with mommy and 

daddy telling them there is not much more to do for me and I will probably be 

going home with them today.  Lots to teach them to watch out for and wait 

until the doctor gives the final order.I thought waiting is hard, watch out for 

the nurse with a grin and they grab your foot.  Ouch I let out a scream hoping 

my mommy and daddy would stop the pain.  They were gathering blood from 

my heel, my heel mind you for tests that noone ever hears back from.  I guess 

its good we never heard from them but to all babies out there‐‐watch out 

when they grab your foot.

Christopher and Daddy has also been with us Daddy and Mommy have been 

packing the clothes and things we needed while staying here and Christopher 

and I got a surprise.  Christophers Godparents came by to see me and to visit 

with him for a short while.

Joseph Matthew

My Life's Journey