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Jun 10, 2012

The Visitation

 Even before leaving the hospital and while mommy was gazing into my eyes, I 

could sense Mommy and Daddy were worried.  Not only did they know to 

expect to be really, really preoccupied with me but what would they do with 

my little brother?  He really is a shy one and he really didn't want to be much 

around anyone whom he did not know and going to California we did not 

know anyone there.  Their minds were busy trying to come up with a plan and 

a backup plan and it seems as if a simple plan was finally decided on but who 

knows what could go wrong.

They wished my Grandma Middleton was still alive, but if things did not go 

well, I at least would have someone there to meet me and to love me.  Here is 

a picture of her with my daddy...

Joseph Matthew

My Life's Journey