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Jun 10, 2012

So many Blessings

So many things to worry about.  Maybe, you too, find yourself going through 

these same feelings of anxiety as my mommy and daddy.  As of now, daddy is 

still working, trying to plan to get time off from work.  He is pretty sure he will 

get time off but the time off will be without pay.  Only also, if he gets everyone 

to sign and approve all the paperwork. We are still waiting for the surgery 

date and when to leave for California, but it is Christmas time and a lot of 

people are away for the holidays including Doctors and their surgical teams.  

So finances were a big burden‐‐as they are even now for my parents.  Not 

knowing how the bills will be paid, see Daddy said to me, "Son‐‐even if the 

world was to end‐‐these bills still will keep coming in the mailbox, never 

failing to be on time."  Surgery will take about three weeks and driving there 

will take several days. That is, if everything was to go perfect.  Even daddy's 

benefits would have to be paid by him, though no income was coming in 

during this time.  Hardships everywhere, but my Daddy is such a good man.  

He smiled and really didn't allow the family to worry too much about it, 

though he did try to be frugal always.  His faith is what kept him going, and so 

many people had helped build his faith. We wish to thank them here.

Special thanks to Jim and Noreen, Theresa, The Gabbert Family, The 

Chamberlin family, Mrs. Julia, Miss Fernandez, the Hiller Family and so many 

special others...

Daddy is a member of the Knights of Columbus ‐ Council 2014.  See, Daddy 

had lost a lot of time from work while I was born and having to go to the 

Joseph Matthew

My Life's Journey