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Jun 10, 2012

To my Pediatrician I go...

It's time for me to meet my Pediatrician.  Big Brother tried to whisper a 

warning to me but I couldn't hear him.  Dr. Bennet is her name, and I will be 

seeing her at least weekly she said, until my surgery.

 She seems to be nice, but I'm not sure about her Nurse.  My 

breathing was becoming a bit more labored and water was starting to collect 

and we all were worried about congestive heart failure.  As she listened to my 

heart she asked if other doctors could listen as well and my parents agreed.  If 

it would help them with a patient later in life, I know I have done my part.  She 

didn't like the way my heart and breathing sounded so she put me on some 

medicine to remove some of the water.  Even though I am getting weaker, the 

medicine should help me not have anymore complications.  To all the parents 

out there... Psst! My condition isn't so widely seen so don't be afraid to really 

talk with your doctor and work and grow with him/her although I am sure 

after the skiddishness goes away they will do ample research for your son or 

daughter as well.  They will do their very best.

Now I know what brother was talking about.  The Nurse equals pain.  She 

stuck me several times.  Ouch!!! And I cried and cried.  Thank goodness my 

Joseph Matthew

My Life's Journey