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Jun 11, 2012

Confusion Strikes

After Christmas, Daddy started to put together a plan.  It was hard at first with 

so many unknowns, well one in particular, when my surgery was going to be 

set.  He called and set me up to be included for insurance, assured that I would 

be added before surgery would take place.  No one really knew what to do at 

work, so the days that daddy had off he would spend most of the day on the 

phone or waiting for phone calls to help assist.  The only plan available to him 

was a 30 day no pay leave of absense and he would have to pay for his benifits 

such as insurance and all for the time taken off.  Planning the drive and 

knowing how far that I could stand and not jeopardize my health and to find a 

place to rest at each spot.  Not knowing when surgery was going to be led to 

housing problems ‐‐ affordable housing in Palo Alto California. We are on the 

list for the Ronald McDonald house but not knowing our arrival date meant 

we could not guarantee a room for us nor have one held.  Daddy was also 

watching the weather very closely, trying to plan for anything that could 

happen especially the weather. We would be driving through many 

mountainous areas and snow and ice could be a large factor on how far we 

could go.  Luckily, for now, it seems to be too warm for the trip.  My God 

Father Ian loaned us a set of snow chains just in case it did snow though.  

Daddy kind of smiled while looking at the tire chains and thought to himself, 

Lord please don't let it snow.  The route we would be taking looks like it is all 

set.  Daddy made sure our cell phones would work through the trip and where 

the blackout areas were.  He had made sure his GPS system was all located 

and ready for the road trip as well.  Much of the trip could be handled if 

needed by our Map system on our cell phones, but there were areas that it 

seems no cell phones worked so the TomTom was essential for the trip.  Our 

Joseph Matthew

My Life's Journey