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Daddy, rushed into the Hospital and got a wheel chair, actually daddy forgot 

the wheel chair and had to go back and get it.  He then rushed mommy into 

the hospital and asked one of the attendants to rush her up to maternity ward 

because he still had to go and park the car and get my brother.

hehe, here's my surprise‐‐especially for my daddy.

Daddy went to park the car, and then brought my brother upstairs with him to 

the maternity ward and they led him the way swiftly.  The news was out, I got 

to see the light, visit with mommy but then they took me away.  Daddy asked 

where mommy was and they brought him into the delivery room and then in 

a gigglish manner said congratulations Daddy you had a baby boy.  See, When 

they brought mommy upstairs, I continued to knock and the door finally 

opened.  I was on my way when they were wheeling her to the delivery room.  

In No time, faster than daddy could park the car I came into this wonderful 

world.  There was so much commotion going on though and they let me see 

mommy but then someone took me away before daddy could see me.

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