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Jun 18, 2012

Surgery Day

Today, Mommy and Daddy woke up early again.  It's Saturday‐‐The day of my 

surgery.  Everyone's been busy these days and today is nothing different.  

Mommy and Lola gave me a bath and rubbed these special towels all over me 

and dressed me in a loose fitting outfit and off to the Hospital we went.

 It surely was quiet around there 

this early in the morning.  And I guess on Saturdays construction workers 

don't get there this early or they don't work because there were no sounds 

but the birds chirping. We checked in with security, and then to the check in 

area and a nurse came and greeted us.  Brought us on a little walk and down 

the elevator.  Daddy and Mommy sure were being quiet.  Another nurse met 

Joseph Matthew

My Life's Journey