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us and had me lay down so she could do some paperwork which took about 

45 minutes.  Then, two people, I think, dressed in green and masks covering 

their faces came in.  Mommy and Daddy started to cry and handed me over to 

them.  This happened so quickly. I would have objected but I knew I had to get 

better.  From here, my Mommy and Daddy will have to tell the story.  I am 

going to be gone for a little while‐‐sleeping they say. Mommy, Daddy... I love 

you‐‐Pray for me and I will pray for you.  Bye For now...

...As we watched our precious child be carried away because he was small 

enough not to need a transport bed, our tears poured out like rain.  So many 

unknowns and nothing you can do‐‐but pray and cry.

They ushered us to a waiting room and after awhile we were able to meet 

with Joseph's surgeon, Dr. Reddy. 

  We were ever so glad to meet him. Our tears had 

slowed down for a bit.  He asked us if we had any questions, which is nice of 

him.  Even though both Joseph's Mom and I have a college education, well 

cultured and versed, one is never ready for the unknown.  How do you ask 

questions if you never experienced it before? We are finding nothing is text 

book for we sure did research online and asking questions and nothing