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prepared us for this.  The nurse that checked us in came to visit us a couple 

of times before it was time for her to leave. We had been given some snacks 

and milk which was so nice of them.  The room was large enough to hold 

several families‐‐which this being a Saturday, we were the only family there 

waiting.  A TV was there but our minds were fixated on concerns of which we 

had no control over.  Sometimes our talks would make us cry together and 

others anxious.  Together, we were in harmony. We only wanted to be sure 

we would receive our Son back to us better than when we gave him to them.  

Once in awhile, we would text Mom and see if everything was alright.  Hours 

went by. We tried to rest our eyes while waiting, but sleep really never came 

for the two of us. We called our friends in Idaho and asked them to pray and 

let them know surgery has started.  It was set to take quite awhile.  You really 

don't dare go far because something could happen so you're glued to this 

room. We found a little screen that was connected to a computer and we 

watched it with intent though we did not know which patient number our son 

was and noone came down so we could ask.

What seemed like were days were simply hours.  The wait was agonizingly 

long. We discussed or simply thought about all the things that could go wrong 

and worked ourselves up to tear up again.  Around 4 pm, something we have 

seen on the screen that all patients were finished.  After a while, the doctor 

came back in and said they were finishing up and he should be in CV 

(Cardiovascular) ICU soon and we should be able to see him.  He also 

explained to us that they left his chest cavity open, but we think we were just 

overwhelmed with everything going better than planned and it was a shorter