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We could even see through the Opaque bandage his heart, every beat of 

his pumping heart.  His Chest was open.  Now we knew what to see.  It simply 

took your breath away from astonishment.  Our Beautiful baby boy was alive 

through machines breathing for him, and medicines and machines pumping 

his heart.  He just laid there lifeless.

For the next 4 days, he would need to have his chest left open. We stayed at 

the hospital quite a bit but also, from time to time we had to remember we 

had another son and he as well needed our attention.  So we went back and 

tried to get a little sleep and eat something.

During these four days our fears were coming true, he was waking up.  He 

would look at us or move or try to make a sound. We were excited but 

worried as well with his chest still open.  They wanted him at the brink of 

waking but not enough to feel or remember anything or experience much.  

But he recognized us,  our smell and our voices.

The Fourth day came and we were so relieved. We finally came to the 

conclusion it's not going to be a quick in and out and we needed for our own 

sanity to break down each milestone and celebrate them as they came forth.