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As we walked into the room, we have seen all the machines, breathing, 

medicine and heart machines as well as all the monitors‐‐Frightening!  All the 

flashing lights along with the constant beeping and alarms going off.  The vast 

number of wires connected to him leading to the machines along with all 

the tubes coming from his stationary body was utterly heartbreaking.  Just to 

see our precious child lay motionless, not a movement but from his chest from 

the breathing machine and his heart beating, controlled by all the medicines 

to make it pump.  The chest is needed to be left open from not only removing 

the heart from the chest cavity but from the bruising of the other internal 

organs that had to make way for the heart to come out.  Swelling should 

subside after a few days and the chest then can be closed.  For those that are 

preparing for such ‐‐ we hope this video and the pictures will help you 

embrace the unknown and your child too ‐ will sustain the breath of heaven.

 * We wish to thank Amy Grant and her Management team for giving us 

permission to play her song Breath of Heaven for the background music.  

Thank You!

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